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¡Bienvenidos a Savanna, tu lugar de moda y creatividad! Ofrecemos clases de costura y talleres de upcycle para todos los niveles.

Además, nos especializamos en diseño de vestuario, estilismo, confección de prendas y reciclaje de ropa. ¡Únete a nuestra comunidad y haz realidad tus ideas de moda en Savanna!

Barcelona - Montevideo

The creative sewing classes are fantastic! It's super practical and personalized because you're creating garments for yourself and the teacher helps you adapt them to your tastes and styles. It's great for developing our creativity and relaxing for a while.

- Rita

I started the sewing workshop from scratch, and I'm really into learning the logic behind garment construction and seeing how they take shape from my own designs. Fra's guidance is essential for translating ideas into finished garments.

- Carolina

I entered the sewing course only knowing how to sew buttons, and nowadays I dare to think about the garments I want to make for myself or my friends, and I'm even considering starting my own business, which seemed impossible to me a year ago.

- Sabina

The sewing workshop is a super nice and comfortable place. They give us personal attention, making us feel secure and satisfied with our project, guiding us and giving us ideas. In a short time, I acquired knowledge that is useful to me, and that is evident in practice.

- Valentina


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