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Savanna is a personal project led by its owner, Francisca Pascale. She is a Fashion Designer, Uruguayan by nationality, currently residing in Barcelona. Savanna is a fashion design studio where creative sewing and upcycling classes and workshops are taught.Both classes and upcycling projects are carried out by her. Her style, eclectic and timeless, is influenced by her experiences in various cities such as Buenos Aires, Madrid, Barcelona, and Berlin. She works extensively on recycling and upcycling garments, sharing her knowledge and skills in workshops based on her own exploration and personal experience.

IG: @frappamiel



Making your own clothes is a way to be environmentally friendly, to halt mass consumption, and to return to our roots, valuing the process and dedication of making a garment. We also take care of the materials we use, making the most of them - Waste is donated to recycling centers.


We believe that each creative workshop we offer helps us work on our patience and anxiety, something that is increasingly at risk in today's society. Perseverance is part of the creative process; we must give ourselves time to understand, to make mistakes, to do and redo. Only through perseverance can we reach our full potential.


Out of our passions, for doing what we love and dedicating time solely to that activity. Respecting our bodies, tastes, and style. We want each person to feel comfortable creating garments that identify them, unique and tailored to their own body. We believe that dressing is a form of expression, and creating our garments is a way of self-discovery, of giving ourselves love and respect.


At Savanna, we aim for our space to be one of pure enjoyment and relaxation beyond learning. We want participating in our workshops to be a true creative break, where you feel comfortable, can relax, and make the most of your time and abilities, perhaps discovering talents you didn't know you had.

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